Questions about 1) annoyng automatism while adding notes to compose a chord 2) Size regulation of sharp signs 3) Space between pages 4) Step-time turn of once for all

• Jan 19, 2020 - 13:45

HI EVERYONE, I was using musescore since two years ago and there are this problems which I can't solve to myself.

1) musescore makes automatically altered notes which I add to a single note to make an accord. For example, if I have got an Bb and I want add to it an D, I pressed shift+D and the program adds Db rather than D. I'd like to set off this automatism.

2) I'd like to be able to set once for all the dimesion of sharps signs becose it seems to me a little too big in front of flat signs. The dimension of sharp signs which we can reduce trough the ispector choosing "little" it's too little; so I am looking for somewhat which can be modulated better and which doesn't need I do the operation everytime.

3) Once ago I found the way to set the spacement between the pages on the screen, but now the only one in use is that ther's the space between the first and the second and then ther's not between the second and the third and so on.

4) This question maybe makes me like a stupid :) but I don't manage to turn off the modality step-time once for all, because if I turno off it once and I go straight in my work, at the next step in which I change an existent note or insert a new one, the modality of step-time turn on itself.

Thanks a lot for yours anwears.

Excuse me if I made some mistakes in place the post in the right section or in composing my questions, but it's my first time in the forum

Read you soon,


1) Are you using the current version (3.3.4)? As I recall, one of the earlier releases had an issue where Shift+letter would copy the current accidental when applied form normal (as opposed to note input) mode, but this seems to work as expected for me now. If you find otherwise, please attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem.

2) The sizes of the individual symbols is a feature of the particular font used. Feel free to try another via Format / Style / Score. The sizes of these symbols is pretty standardized though, I don't think you'll find a ton of variation here.

3) I'm not understanding this at all

4) I guess you mean, in normal mode, you type a letter? This does indeed put you into note input mode, by design. If your intent is just to change pitch of one single note, consider instead using the arrow keys (eg, Alt+Shift+Up/Down to transpose diatonically, or Up/Down alone to transpose chromatically)

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Hi Marc. Thank you a lot for your answear.

1) Yes I have got 3.3.4 version and what I would like avoid is that if I start to altered note to create a chord, every note I add pushing shift+letter is added with the same alteration of root note (if you think at Bb chord, the thirt is D, so, starting by Bb note the programm adds Db). Trying and retrying again I've noticed that if I open a new score the problem doesn't happen.

3) In attached score I write at the top of the page about what a mean


P.S. is there a Pro version of your beatifull programm? If it there is I buy it for sure, you help my study in an incredible way.
P.P.S. what a petty that the version for smartphone it's a litte to dear, because otherwise I'd take that too =)

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1) Interesting, it does happen with 3.3.4 for this particular score, not for others. Doesn't seem to happen in the upcoming 3.4. I think what might be happening is the Db earlier in the measure (in the lower octave) is somehow confusing things. I can reproduce in a new score if I do that. Anyhow, though, seems not the case in 3.4.

3) You mean the background color behind the pages? You can customize that if you like in Edit / Preferences / Canvas. Or if you mean, the fact that it is showing you which pages would actually be facing pages in a two-sided print, I would expect you would be able to disable that for the score in Format / Page Settings / Two-sided. But that doesn't actually seem to affect the display. I'd consider that a bug, feel free to submit it to the "Issue tracker" (see the Support menu above).

MuseScore - the score editor you run on your computer - is always completely free. We will never make people pay for features of the program itself. But the website and mobile apps do have free & "pro" subscription plans.

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