Chord entry gone wonky

• Jan 19, 2020 - 16:12

Just started using musescore, generally love it. However, I have an annoying issue with chord entry. When I enter a note, then press "shift", when I enter another note either by mouse click or keyboard, it rarely enters an additional chord note, it overwrites as if no shift key depressed. It usually works correctly when I enter from the virtual keyboard, but not always. Also, I thought when the shift is depressed prior to note entry, that the highlight cursor would stay on the just entered note. It Does not, it always advances to the next beat, I always must left arrow back. When I do left arrow back to enter the additional chord note, the problem is often still there, I enter the note, and it overwrites. Is there some setting that I've missed, or could I have a corrupted program file. BTW, I occurs on any score I work on. Thanks in advance for assistance.


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As a user types in note names, MuseScore's cursor progresses across the score after a note is entered.
Many wind instruments, including the human voice, cannot produce "chords" (simultaneously sounded notes) when playing/singing solo (though as a group they can).
So... to facilitate a run of, say, 16th notes, MuseScore simply requires typing letters (i.e., note names) as fast as one can type. Shift is not needed (although a number may have to be typed when/if the duration - 16th note - changes).

For those instruments that can produce "chords", shift is required to 'build a chord' onto a previously entered note. Essentially, it halts the cursor's progression across the score, and allows notes to be added to the chord, until shift is released - whereupon continued note entry resumes at the cursor's location.

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