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• Jan 20, 2020 - 14:54

I figured out to have a song from PDF in the files but it looks like it needs to be decompressed. I know this isn't something Musescore does do normal but for myI needs to open these. Any hints.

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If you own a "Gabriel-s-oboe-for-Cello-and-Piano.mscz" file (not the pdf ) open that directly into MuseScore.

Otherwise, please see:
It explains the various file formats which can be:
1. opened by MuseScore - including import of non-native formats such as MusicXML, Guitar Pro, MIDI, etc.
2. exported by MuseScore - including audio files such as Wav, MP3, etc., and graphic (i.e. image) files such as PDF, PNG, etc.

Your PDF of Gabriel's Oboe is a document - basically an image of "blobs of ink" with each blob's position on the page chronicled and logged so that computers can reproduce the image and printers can print it. No additional "understanding" or "meaning" is assigned to such blobs of ink.

Now, with regards to music...
As a printable "blob of ink", a quarter note (or a key signature, etc.) has no meaning - nor needs to have - to a printer, for example. The printer only needs to know where to place the blobs on paper - regardless whether the blobs make notes, key signatures, accidentals, lines, etc.
In addition to being "blobs of ink", musical elements like quarter notes and key signatures contain additional meaning to human musicians. It is the job of music notation software to capture and reproduce (almost understand ) such additional meaning.
A PDF document, then, must be interpreted by an OMR (optical music reader) so that the musical information can be recognized by scorewriting software like MuseScore. Only then can human musicians play back and edit their scores within the scorewriting app.

OK... so how to "read" a PDF as music?
There exist third party software that specialize in OMR - as when importing PDF into MuseScore.
which uses the Audiveris converter and does a 'one pass' attempt which may, or may not, give satisfactory results.
OMR is a greater challenge than OCR (optical character reader). OCR software can nowadays convert scanned documents into text files with great accuracy. OMR has still some distance to travel.

Are you saying you want to come MMC dry that PDF (a picture) into an actual MuseScore file? there is an experimental web service in File / Import PDF, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Usually you get better results faster just entering the music yourself.

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