Staff spacer up not working

• Jan 22, 2020 - 03:24

As seen in the picture, the staff spacer up works on some pages of music and not others. Is this a glitch? Is there a workaround? I've tried messing around with adding vertical frames, but they either create a horrible garbled mess by condensing two sheets of music on top of each other, or push the staves too far down the page for what I'm after.


Hard to say fro just a picture, we can assist better if you attach the actual score. Also be sure you are on the current version (3.3.4 as of when I write this, about to become 3.4).

One thing I can tell from just the picture is that you probably shouldn't be using spacers at all, that's going to be slow and imprecise. Instead, the spacing you desired can probably be achieved automAtically via appropriate settings in Format / Style / Page.

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You're using fixed staff spacer down on pages 7-11 between the system, staff spacer up above the top system on page 7.
It doesn't work on page 8 because there the top staff is hidden, this seems a bug to me.
Maybe covered by #293293: Improve the staff hiding algorithm to allow custom control and bottom alignment?

(very naste) workaround: show all staves, add the spacer, give it the right weight (this is the nasty part) hide empty staves again

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While it's true that the style settings don't allow customziation of pages individually, through the use of the min/max system distance setting, you can nonetheless get all pages to fill nicely even in the presence of different numbers or heights of systems. Also, rather than using a series of fixed spacer to close up the space above the small staff, you can set its "Extra distance above" staff property to a negative value. I see you also using spacers to close up the space below lyrics, when all you really need to do is reduce the "Lyrics bottom margin" style setting. And so on. I'm not saying there is never a use for spacers, but pretty much every one you have added here is unnecessary, if you get your settings right. And the advantage is, the layout would remain good even if something else changes about the score. Plus it's a ton less work, and you can also reuse those style settings for other scores.

The spacer up on page 7 is working just fine. Is there another one you tried adding that didn't work?

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