Style vs Templates, Problem?

• Jan 23, 2020 - 17:25

I don’t know if this is a problem or a misunderstanding on my part, I’ll try and explain:

I have finally taken the plunge and moved from MuseScore 2 to MuseScore 3 (VERY happy so far with the improvements) but I seem to having an issue with my saved Template and my Saved Style, which I use when creating new scores.

With MuseScore 2, I created my template with the settings I preferred. When creating a new score I used the saved Template then after the new score appeared, I loaded my saved Style and started notation and everything was fine.

Using MuseScore 3, the template I created SEEMS to be fine, however, if I subsequently load the saved MuseScore 3 Style, my settings for the top vertical frame change, even though I had reset them and saved them as a Style, actually the same Style by clicking on that Style file name when it appeared in the Styles folder.

Specifically I set the following in my MuseScore 3 Template for the top vertical frame:

Top Gap: 7.00 mm
Bottom Gap: 9.5 mm
Height: 13.5 mm

I also have my Style at the same settings however, if I load my saved Style, it will change the bottom gap from 9.25 mm to 8.25 mm, even though I saved that Style with the 9.25 setting.

In addition, I have saved my Template with a Y offset of 6.25 mm for the Subtitle however, when I create a new score with that Template, it reverts back to a Y offset of 5 mm. When I subsequently check the Template, it IS set to 6.25 mm.

So first off, am I doing something wrong?
Second, IS there something wrong?
Third, I never had this problem with MuseScore 2.
Fourth, do I need to load my Style if I create a new score with my saved Template?

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.


First, I'm confused about your MuseScore 2 workflow. It should not have been needed to load a style after creating a score from the template - assuming the style was part of the template already. And that's the case with MuseScore 3 as well. So assuming you've created your template the way you really want - with the style settings already applies - the rest of your question may be moot.

That said:

If you're trying to reuse your template and style files from MuseScore 2, don't. We treat imported files from MuseScore 2 differently in an effort to preserve as much as possible about their original layout. But once you save them in MuseScore, now they are just a little weird - a mixture of normal MuseScore 3 defaults with old-style MuseScore 2 settings, plus whatever we specifically changed in the process. Best to just recreate the template from scratch in MuseScore 3.

If you continue to have trouble, though, please attach your files and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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Eliminating loading the Style after loading the Template cures the issue of the Vertical Frame spacing change issues. However, I don't understand why loading the Style after using a Template changes the spacing settings when both the Style & Template have the same settings for the top Vertical Frame.

Regardless, I didn't realize I didn't need the additional step of loading the Style, so thanks for that enlightenment!

However the issue of the Y offset for Subtitle reverting or not being saved remains:

I created a new score in MuseScore 3, changed the Vertical Frame Height from 10 mm to 13.5, and changed the bottom gap from 8.5 mm to 9.5 mm (my preferences). I also changed the Y offset for Subtitle from 5 mm to 6.25 mm (again my preference), deleted the measures and saved it as a Template.

When I attempt to use this Template to create a new score, all the the settings I chose are fine, EXCEPT the Y offset for Subtitle. That reverts back to 5 mm, however, if I open the Template, the setting of 6.25 mm is there for Subtitle.

I have tried this several times creating several new Templates and it happens every time.

I attached a Template I created and a score created with that Template.

Attachment Size
Template Test.mscz 3.89 KB
Test Score.mscz 7.99 KB

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It doesn't look to me like you made the subtitle offset a style setting, looks like you just changed it for that particular subtitle. You need to hit the "Set as style" button, or make the change in Format / Style / Text Styles / Subtitle.

BTW, you say you changed it from the default of 5 mm, but the actual default is 10 mm. At least, it is when creating a score from scratch. So maybe you used an old MuseScore 2 template to create the new score? Again, best not to use a MuseScore 2 score or style settings when creating new templates in MuseScore 3 to avoid the sort of problems I alluded to.

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To be clear: a template includes its own style settings. That's why you don't normally need to also load a style file after creating a score from a template - the newly created score will inherit the style of the template. And that's why any default style you have specified does not apply to scores created from a template - the whole point of a template is to override defaults. So, the default style applies only to scores created "from scratch".

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