MIDI Issues

• Jan 24, 2020 - 17:06

My MIDI keyboard is connected an reconigzed by PC & Musescore, BUT when I try to enter notes, they all accumulate in the same position. It is as if the entry of the notes did not advance. Anybody has a solution for this...?


Is it possible that note input mode is "re-pitch" instead of "step-time" (the little drop-down next to the "Napoleon Hat N" at the extreme left of the toolbar)?

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Does MuseScore recognize both types of note-off events (the real note-off event, 0x800x8F; and the zero-velocity note-on event, 0x900x9F)?

According to the MIDI spec: “A receiver must be capable of recognizing either method of turning off a note, and should treat them identically.” If MuseScore doesn't recognize both, it should be fixed (and it should be a very easy fix).

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