Underscore disappears in lyrics

• Jan 25, 2020 - 23:37

There are two underscores in this snippet of music. The first underscore disappears when I enter it, and the second one stays in place. I've deleted and re-entered the specific lyric several times. Just can't get it to stick. Suggestions, please?

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I'm French, the first is not useful, in others sheet music, it does not exist, the 2nd is useful, but the lyrics are not correct, under the first note , the B, it is "m'a" and the word continue under the second note , the C, so with the underscore. On your sheet music, under the B, we have only "m'" and the "a" under the C, the underscore is, in this case, not useful. But this way of lyrics is not good.

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Thanks, Raymond. I volunteer for Distributed Proofreaders. We put public domain music online for Project Gutenberg. Free online books available to any third world child with access to a cell phone so they can learn to read. It's a wonderful thing. I'm glad to be involved.

This is a snippet from Volume 1 of 14 of Daniel Gregory Mason's Art of Music. From 1910 to 1942 he taught at Columbia University in New York City. We are preparing HTML, text, and handheld versions to be uploaded to Project Gutenberg. To enhance both the audio listener and the visual reader's pleasure, we also include sound files.

The DP Primary Rule is "Don't change what the author wrote!"

The final electronic book seen by a reader, possibly many years in the future, should accurately convey the intent of the author. If the author spelled words oddly, we leave them spelled that way. If the author wrote outrageous racist or biased statements, we leave them that way. If the author put commas, superscripts, or footnotes every third word, we keep the commas, superscripts, or footnotes. We are proofreaders, not editors.

Thank you for your feedback. Always glad to share about Distributed Proofreaders along the way. If you'd like to learn a little more, here's the is the link. https://www.pgdp.net/c/

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Well, I agree it's an error. I don't know if you have special insight into what "the author" wrote versus what "his editor" added, or what "the engraver" did without being asked. Without that special insight, I'd be inclined to assume the author wrote it correctly and the editor or engraver messed it up. So as the new editor and engraver, you'd be within your rights to restore the author's intent.

But if you do have special knowledge that this wasn't merely an editing or engraving error but an honest attempt by the original editor and engraver to preserve the author's own errors, and you feel obligated to reproduce those errors as well, then you can enter these "false" underscores with "Ctrl+underscore".

I guess it's the same call as if you discover a misspelled word. If the rules of the project call for the word to remain misspelled whether it was an error of the author, editor, or typesetter, then do the same here.

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Thanks, Marc. I'm obligated to reproduce what I see and not ask too many questions. "Just follow the scan." Readers can ask questions and do their own research if they are curious.

"Ctrl+underscore" works and stays in place for the second underscore. I just can't get it to stick and stay in place for the first underscore. Would you open my copy and see if you can make it work? And if it works for you, do you have any idea why it isn't working for me?

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Aha! Another learning curve here. :)

I was using "Shift + underscore." That worked fine for the second one, but wouldn't stick for the first one. This time, I used "Control + Shift + underscore" and it didn't disappear when I moved to the next word. I saved it right away before it changed it's mind. ;)

Thanks, Marc. You're the BEST! <3

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Too technical for me. I'm just a simple church piano player who plunks along on the laptop on my chest. I'm homebound and bedbound these days.

All I know is what I do. I can't hit Underscore on the keyboard like I can hit a, b, or c. I have to add Shift to it. So I always think Shift + Underscore. Hmmm. Maybe I need to consider Underscore a capital letter going forward. Something to think about.

Additionally, when I'm entering lyrics, I just use my normal keyboard functions, except for when I have oddball letters like the song that was all in Greek recently. Then I insert special characters. I can't think of any time I have ever had to use Control to get something to work in lyrics.

Back to the technical stuff. If the correct language is to omit Shift when talking about inserting Underscore is correct, then I stand corrected. I'll still think Shift plus Underscore. And I'll have to determine my audience when omitting that detail. Lots of simpletons like me out here. Don't want to confuse anyone with abstract facts.

On the other hand, I can be a pedantic bore myself when talking about stuff that really interests me. In honor of all us nitpickers in the world, thank you for correcting my error. I truly do see things from your point of view. <3

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@judee: goal was only to help you to realize that when you read instructions such as ctrl+underscore, or alt+underscore it really means "something" ( ctrl or alt) in addition to what you use to get a normal underscore. That's all. Sorry if that was sounding pedantic, that wasn't the intention.

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