Adding grace note not in the Palette

• Jan 26, 2020 - 01:57

This piece has a grace note in the third bar that's not in the palette. I made a copy from the music, but I don't how to add it to my palette. Help? Suggestions?


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Hmmm. Drag and drop is getting ugly. Having trouble sizing it, and the one I have isn't pretty. I'm going to abandon that thought right now. I'll come back to it later.

I can't find acciaccatura as a note following in any of the literature. It's always a note before. I think the slur from the preceding note to the acciaccatura threw me off. I rewrote it with the acciaccatura before the following note and added the shown slur. It works. It sounds right.

Thanks, Marc. You're always there. And you're the BEST! <3

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