Add a note on any beat.

• Jan 26, 2020 - 06:31

Specifically, let's say on beat 4 of a 4/4 measure. When I've asked about this in the past, I get a long litany of reasons of why this can't or doesn't need to happen.
One reason is the because we read and therefore enter notes left to right, create some rests then enter the note. Passable for a single line but not for a large group of instruments as I'll show later.
Another reason is that as a mouse user, I'd have to guess where beat 4 is. I'd probably miss a few times and waste a bunch of time. This seems odd to me because MuseScore knows were beat 4 is, or can surely extrapolate were it is. It knows I'm in 4/4 time. It knows I selected a quarter note. It has a place for each beat. If I'm off a bit with the mouse, why can't the note snap to the nearest quarter beat?

So let's suppose I am writing this piece for full orchestra. The woodwinds have been dragging on for several minutes. Time for the rest of the orchestra to wake up an d come back in. I want them to come in on beat four. For every staff (maybe 10 or 15) I must change the rest that's already there to something that allows me to put a quarter note on beat four. I could copy and paste some measures, but I still have to spend time changing notes if not a unison upbeat.

I notice that there is no way to even thing about this using shortcut note input. It would certainly speed up mouse note input.

Seems to me that if we are so concerned about speed, this might help.


I agree with you 100%.

Implementing this functionality would be a boon for both novice and experienced MuseScore users.

That said, I don't think it would be easy to implement. But I think it would be worthwhile.

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So often I read the comment that doing a particular way is much faster. Yet trying to add a note on beat 4 remains something that requires several keystrokes no matter what method you use. I notice that after there is a note on beat one, I can then skip beat two and place a note (or rest) on beat three. But still not beat four.

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