Parts don't match score page format and margins

• Jan 26, 2020 - 11:17

Hi, minor issue, but time consuming. I write scores in Letter format (8.5*11") and then extract parts.
Parts are always in A4 format and I have to change every time parts format.
Moreover, parts don't "clone" the margins from the score.

Is there a way to extract parts with same page format and margins of the score? Would save quite some time.

Thank you,


Parts should normally come out in whatever the default format is for your system, regardless of the score size. After all, many scores are landscape mode, and often use much smaller margins than one would want for parts, or printed on extra-large paper like 11x17, and you wouldn't want your parts that way). So if your parts are A4, that's because it's your system default. You would indeed need to change that by making sure it's correct in the default page size for your default printer.

That said, there is a bug on Linux using AppImage where in some cases, this doesn't work - I think if your default printer is not a physical printer but is a PDF "device"?

You can also create a part set up as you like, then go to Format / Save Style, and then specify the resulting MSS file as your default for parts in Edit / Preferences / Score. I can't guarantee that will actually honor the page size, though - we do some tricky things to try to make things work in a seamless way between Letter and A4 and sometimes it backfires indeed.

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