Single-click versus Double-click

• Jan 26, 2020 - 14:04

I have yet to download the new update for Musescore. Now that I've become comfortable with the single-click vs. double-click modes, I've become rather fond of it, especially for text elements: one mode for selecting an element to alter its position and appearance, and another to alter its content. Is there anyway I could download the update and skip those changes, or (more likely) disable them in personal preference settings? Thanx.


Nothing has changed for text that I am aware of. Single-click still selects the element to alter position and appearance, double click is still required to alter its content. It's only elements with handles that have changed, but even so, not as much as it appears at first. Handles appear the moment you click, and you can adjsut the handles, but aside form that, the behavior is the same as it always was, you're not really in Edit mode yet, so you can still do any of the things you formerly did after a single click.

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