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• Jan 27, 2020 - 12:57

I wanted to start voice 2 notes after a voice 1 note in the same measure.
I got the reply shown below.

BSG • Dec 28, 2019 - 02:34In reply to You are so kind. by cedy
I deleted my remark because I looked again at your sample, and, indeed, your first example shows what you are trying to do. You can't do that in MuseScore; it has a standard of how it lays out note heads according to accepted standards of publishing, and that's not (other than note-by-note) adjustable. If we can't understand you, maybe it's our fault, too. Anyway, you can't do what you want; it's not possible. End.

Can the latest version of Musescore do what I wanted to do then?


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How to enter notes in different voices
The following instructions show you how to notate a passage of music in two voices:

Enter voice 1 notes first: Make sure you are in note input mode : the Voice 1 button becomes highlighted in blue in the toolbar. Enter the notes in the top voice first. When inputting, some notes may have down-stems, but these will flip automatically when the second voice is added.

Enter notes for voice 2 first?
The instructions say enter voice 1 notes first.

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You can believe what exactly?
You can enter notes in any voice at any time, starting with voice 1 is a strong recommendation though, not more.
But lyrics can only get attached to existing notes, so indeed, the notes (of any voice) need to be there first, then lyrics can get added to them
And entering notes, in any voice, has to start at the start of the measure, if you don't want a note there, enter a rest. You had been told this in that other thread already
BTW: once entered, you can delete those non-voice 1 rests again, it isn't recommended, but possible

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So you want something as in the attached?

Steps I took:
1. Enter notes of m1 & 2 for voice 1
2. Select that tied A and copied it
3. Press the voice 2 button in the toolbar to move it to voice to
4. Continue entering voice 2 notes
5. Click on the tied A again, and paste voice 1 back into place
6. Selected measures 1&2 and pressed 'R' as 3 & 4 are nearly identical
7. press down arrow and then fix up the B to be natural again with the up arrow
8. Attach lyrics to voice 1 notes
9. Right-click a lyric, select all similar, press 'X' to flip them to the top
10. Attach lyrics to voice 2 notes

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See attached for an example of your initial picture question as well (https://musescore.org/sites/musescore.org/files/2019-12/MuseScore_voice…)

Can the latest version of Musescore do what I wanted to do then?
Sure it can, as can all versions going back a few years. You were even given the answer in that thread; change the x-offset of the chords.

As for your other question:
And I tried the x-offset setting earlier but I was hoping there was a better way of doing it.
I just would like to understand why its difficult for Musescore to recreate the exact layout.

It is hard to recreate that result (but not impossible) because it is not according to the standard rules of engraving used by MuseScore.

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