Muse3 Crashing when Saving.

• Jan 27, 2020 - 14:54

Jan 26, 22:25 CET
Every time I click on Save or Save As, the software cashes. I cannot save anything. I tried deleting Muse3 and reinstalling and had the same problem. I spent three house creating an arrangement of Jesu, Joy of Mans' Desiring for horn and piano and lost everything when I went to Save it. I did find that if I click on Save, and when the Save window comes up, immediately click on Save, it works, but if I wait for more than three seconds, it crashes. So I can't specify a new name or saving location. I'm new to using Muse, so if I am doing something incorrectly, please advise. thank you and kind regards,
- Arthur


If you already created the Parts, one of them may be corrupt. Delete the parts and recreate them.
If the problem is not related to this, wait for another answer pls.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble! FWIW, if there was a crash saving your arrangement, the autosave version should still be there. When MuseScore started the next time, it should have asked if you wanted to restore the last session, and answering "Yes" should have worked. Even if not, there's still a pretty good chance you can recover it manually. See, the section on autosave in particular.

Assuming you find the autosave file, I recommend making a copy of it in your own Scores folder and giving it a more reasonable name. Then we know it's safe as we work out the issue with constant crashing.

When you say the crash happens if you wait more than three seconds, do you mean, it crashes even before you hit Save, just sitting there looking at the dialog? That suggests to me maybe there is a corrupt file somewhere in the that folder. MuseScore is remembering that folder by name, so maybe try closing MuseScore, taking the folder and renaming it, then creating a new folder by the original name, then restarting MuseScore and seeing if you can to that folder now. If so, great, we can then proceed to finding the corrupt file.

Another thing to try after making sure your autosave file is safe is Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

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