Length of note controlled by key press length

• Jan 27, 2020 - 17:24

Hi, I'm new to this so please bear with me. I have downloaded Musecore3 and have connected my midi keyboard.
How can I control the length of the note from my midi keyboard ? ...
Lets say I have set up my time signature as 4/4 beats in a bar. How to I set the program note length to be controlled by my keyboard eg, if I hold down a key for four beats I would like it to be written as one note in the bar lasting 4 beats, or if I tap the keyboard 4 times I would like to see 4 x single crotchets in the bar. Is this possible or do I have to set each individual note length on the software, if this is the case it seems to me it would take forever to write a piece of music.
Hope I have made sense and thanks to anyone that understands my problem and is able to help me.


Pressing 7 (or a key on your MIDI keyboard you program for that purpose) to change the duration to a whole note is much faster than having to hold the key down for four beats. So, quite the contrary - setting the duration directly makes entry much faster. But indeed, the real time modes are an option as well, even if it isn't actually faster in most cases.

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