Time Signature on wrong side of Begin-Repeat

• Jan 28, 2020 - 16:55

I want to start 2:4 at a begin-repeat, but they are reversed; if I start time at an end-repeat, they are in correct order.
MuseScore Rev. 20414b2, Windows 10.

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Although the specific case is different, I would just add: the notation shown is correct. Moving the time signature to after the repeat would be wrong, since that would imply the change itself is repeated - that the time signature changes twice. But it doesn't, it just changes once, before the repeated section starts.

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If, however, the time signature does change within the repeat, then the time signature should follow the repeat symbol. MuseScore should make this an easier possibility, perhaps – although moving elements around in a score is a common practice with me. That wouldn't add a lot of time.

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