What happened to the master palette in

• Jan 28, 2020 - 23:02

Dumb question I know, but I just installed the new version and the View Master Palette command is grayed out. I can bring up something called Palettes but it is blank - not the important options I am used to having to edit.

For now I'm reverting to the old version.


Palettes - the regular main palette, not the special "Master" palette - is the thing one normally deals with the thing that normally displays at left of the window and is always available. The "Master Palette" is a special purpose thing you would not normally need, that opens in a separate dialog. It wouldn't be available if you don't have a score open, I guess But if you've closed your regular main palette, then View / Palettes is indeed how you'd normally get it back.

If it's blank, that indicates some sort of problem with your installation, or perhaps an incompatibility with your graphics driver. Make sure you're up to date, reboot, maybe reinstall, and try again.

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