musejazz font installation under Windows

• Jan 29, 2020 - 23:02

I don't seem to have any musejazz fonts appearing among my Windows fonts, which makes me think these must get added dynamically in some magic way. In the past I know the fonts were installed, and worked nicely with Acrobat etc. when manipulating PDFs. But in my current installation, no such fonts are installed, and thus they are not available to Acrobat (or anybody else).

Can I simply download the .ttf etc. files from the build, and install them manually? Or is there more going on behind the scenes that I need to know about? Or perhaps it is an error that I don't have these fonts installed for some reason?

Thanks if anybody can help me understand the font situation better, and if it's just a question of downloading and manually installing kindly point me to the correct repository.

I've read through various old bug/feature posts on font issues but they don't seem relevant. I didn't have any issues under MS2 but of course I'm on a different physical system now, so perhaps I just have a broken install.


They are compiled into the software and not installed into the system (nor where they under MS2).

You are free to download them from the repository and install them into your system, but do keep them up to date with each release then as well; as those fonts might get updated within MuseScore when for example positioning info on some characters needs correction.

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Thanks much. This means I must have downloaded the fonts at some earlier time, and forgot about it LOL. That explains why I used to have them but don't anymore.

Distribution and editing of PDFs is sometimes simplified if you have system fonts that match the file content.

Thanks for the clarification.

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Thanks much. Yes I had found them already, and that's what made me realize I must have done this before. Having these fonts installed as system fonts makes it possible to use the Acrobat Touch Up Text tool to modify a generated PDF directly. In cases where I don't have the .mscz file, e.g. when it was created by a bandmate, I can then still make a quick correction to fix a wrong chord name, etc. I realize this is an unusual use case.

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