violin left hand Pizzicato

• Jan 30, 2020 - 04:01

not mean the pizzicato like "Pizz."
I mean use left hand to pizz
which will look like a "+"
ik there is a + in. musescore already, but it makes normal Arco sound..


If you put the "+" and "o" symbols as "Staff text", you can select channels (pizz, trem, normal) for them.

But, if you put them as articulation, although there is an "Articulation Properties" option in the right click menu, a change you make here will not be implemented (Bug or Feature that does not work even though it has a menu.)

View>master pallete> in the search bar, search for pizzicato, and a left hand pizzicato will appear, drag it to whatever palette you'd like, it pf course, does not play back, although you can add pizz and arco and colour it white to hide it for play back.

Is there a way to make the + (mute) symbol, which is a left-hand pizz that everyone here has mentioned, sound like the Bartok pizz (snap pizz - circle with line through the top)? Currently it just plays arco...

Just changing the property of the sound to match an existing sound that is already in the library bank would solve the issue.


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