Single Note Copy-Paste

• Feb 1, 2020 - 18:29

After the most recent update, my ability to copy the properties of a single note (shift + click) seems to have disappeared.
You can copy the note's pitch by selection and copy-pasting, and that's all you can do. Shift-click does the same thing. It doesn't even border the note (like it does with 2 or more notes). This makes some things rather inconvenient, to be honest.

I am not entirely sure if it is my computer that's just bugging out or if it is the Musescore update that's causing it - hence why it is on bug fixes and support.

Here is the Musescore 3 note selection handbook for reference:


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I did some experiments about this kind of copy paste for a single note and with the MS 3.4.1 and Win10.
I confirm your problem. In fact, in previous versions,' shift-click' draw a blue rectangle aroud the note, no more now, only the notes becomes blue. And after the paste none of the attributes ! I think it's a bug. You have to create a post into issue tracker

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I've found that some repeated notes are quicker to copy-paste rather than set the attributes for that note all over again.

For example, let's say you have a dotted quarter note "E" with a tenuto and an accent that you want to repeat.

Instead of pressing these series of commands: "N", "5", ".", "E", "Ctrl-N", "Ctrl-V";
You could just select the note and "Ctrl-C" and "Ctrl-V". It saves a small amount of time, but it's helpful (at least for me) in the long run.

It's useful especially in 12/8 time (notation there with rests is a bit wonky).

Edit: When selecting a chord, instead of having to select 2 notes individually, you could select one note and it would highlight the whole chord (at least that's how my muscle memory remembers it being like).

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Hi again, I've found the way to do !!!!
Select the note or chord like into a graphic or a tex editor, with shift + diagonal drag with the mouse. Temporily, a transparency rectangle appears, and when you release click , blue rectangle around one note or chord appears, and fully paste toooooooo !!!!!

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SHIFT+select the note. This puts a blue box around the note and it's attributes. Then hit "R" as many times as needed.
In note input mode select the note, hit "R" as needed, select the first "R" note, SHIFT+select the last "R" note, click the attribute you want to add. Though that's longer.
I have nothing against copy/paste. I just don't think that way, I guess.

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Shift+click does draw the rectangle around the note - if nothing was selected already. That's because Shift+click is the usual command to extend the range selection from its current settings to also include the new note. If there was no range select, one is created. But if you have some other random thing selected that isn't part of a range selection, nothing happens. None of this has changed recently nor is it a bug - it's just what Shift+click does (extends range selections).

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Can you explain what you mean in more detail? You can certainly copy & paste individual notes - that's been supported forever. Not that it's usually any faster to copy a note than to simply enter a new one, but both are options. Not sure what "deal" would be broken if it weren't possible, though.

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