Keep the systems breaks in place whenever adding or changing time signatures

• Feb 2, 2020 - 19:55

I use system breaks. So when I add a time signature, all of the sudden it changes and a bunch of measures are squeezed in every line. Then I have to add the system breaks again. Time.PNG Time1.PNG


This is by design, those system breaks in the vast majority of cases don't make any sense anymore, if many cases the last note a measure with a system break before the time signature change isn't even the last note of a measure after the change, in those cases keeping the system break is even impossible

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Yes, and in this particular case, the tick of the original system break is no longer the end tick of a measure after you add the new time signature.

But on second thought, a complete measure, filled with rests, is still generated before the 4/4 time signature, why can't we keep the system break to the end of that measure?

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