• Feb 2, 2020 - 23:30

I have the same problem. MuseScore 3 previously worked fine, but it suddenly developed problems with timing and sound quality, causing occasional pauses and sound distortion in playback.


What OS (operating system)?
What version of MuseScore?
Does it happen mainly on large scores? or all scores?
Does it happen when you open MuseScore and immediately try to play a score?

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I have Windows 10. I use the latest version of MuseScore 3. The playback problem happens on fairly short scores, I don't have any really long scores, most just about 2 pages. Yes, it happens when I open MuseScore and immediately try to play a score. I updated the audio driver in Windows, and that seemed to help for a little while, but now the problem has returned.

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I am still having problems with the audio. Some of the notes sound distorted when MuseScore plays my score, and there are occasional short pauses in the rhythm. I use Windows 10 and the latest version of MuseScore 3. I have found that if I reinstall the audio driver and reboot the computer, MuseScore usually plays sounds okay initially, but after a while working with MuseScore, the distortions return.

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Interesting that re-installing the driver helps for a while. You might visit the web site for the maker of your computer to see if there is a newer driver than the one you are using. If you have onboard sound, rather than a separate sound card, consider using Device Manager to disable your sound device and delete the driver. A reboot will search for and install a new driver. Though sometimes you have to help it. When I had sound issues, I had to do the Help/Restore Factory Setting routine.

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I just figured out that my computer (and maybe all of Windows 10) actually has two audio drivers. In addition to Realtek, it also has something called Intel(R) Display Audio. I reinstalled that, and so far at least, it seems that my sound problems are solved. I hope I'm not speaking too soon.

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The Intel Display Audio was something I found on my computer (a Lenovo Ideapad 320) under Device Manager: Sound, video and game controllers. I deleted and reinstalled it just to see whether it would help, just a shot in the dark. So far, so good, but I'm still not entirely confident that my problems won't return.

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