How do I notate the little 16ths to an 8th note?

• Feb 8, 2020 - 07:21

I can't think of what they would be called... but I'm trying to attach 3 tiny 16ths (with no value, just kind of rolled to the note) to a regular-sized 8th note. The are like a little grace note, but several of them placed before the note. Does this make sense? Maybe I need to get some sleep.

1+a 2+a 3 + 4 + Two triplets followed by 4 - 8th notes. I need 3 little 16ths to be played after 2+a and before count 3. It connects to count 3. It's not a turn, but played similarly.


I once needed to do something similar. I discovered that it’s possible to attach more than one grace note to a main note. So enter the eighth (the main note) then add a grace note to it, then another, then a third. Finally change the pitch of the grace notes as needed.

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