Dynamics not working (Ver. 3.4.1)

• Feb 10, 2020 - 21:13

The Dynamics are not working. Note velocities are all set to zero. even after changing the velocities to what I think they should be at, volume stayed the same, Decrescendos and Crescendos also are not working. everything is set to offset.
update, changing the setting to user fixed the issue, but why do I now have to change that for every note? how can I get it to just be the default setting?


You aren't supposed to need to set the note velocities at all. They are supposed to be set to Offset, and to 0 - that means they will play at the velocity specified by the current dynamic marking, no more, no less. So perhaps your dynamic marking is the problem, and was specifying a velocity too quiet to hear? Although velocities are also generally ignored when dealing with staves that support single note dynamics.

I recommend resetting the note velocities back to the defaults using the reset buttons. If the problem persists, then check the dynamics in effect at the time. If they don't seem off, then please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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I don't think you understand the issue Marc, The everything is default velocities are at default and everything is set to offset. the dynamics i am pulling from are coming from the dynamics palette. So they should work, except they aren't.
However, changing the note velocities and setting each note to user resolved my issue and gave me actual dynamic differences in the notes.
The issue is that the dynamics aren't working when I place them.

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You’re right that I don’t understand, and that is why we’re asking you to attach the score that is behaving so strangely. Normally ally dynamics work as expected, and as said, it is totally correct and completely normal that the n e velocities would show an offset of 0 - meaning, the velocity of t he note is neither less than than nor greater than the default. In other words, offset 0 means, play with the default velocity, which is the velocity of the current dynamic marking.

So if you have some particular score where this doesn’t seem to be working correctly, it indeed suggests something is wrong somewhere, but it is impossible for us to do more than guess without examining the score itself.

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Here's your score (notice the "2" in the title) with all the velocities set to the defaults (offset and 0) as Marc suggested:

Have a listen and let us know where in the score (staff, measure) you think dynamics aren't being honored.
Be aware that you have 3 Hand Clap instruments, so when 2 drop out the remaining one does not sound 'as loud' as when all 3 play. (Remember, you have dynamics set to pp).

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The Forte in bar 14 and the piano in the next are too similar in volume. normally you can tell the difference between dynamics. I've always been able to, but the f and p are the same. Even with the decrescendo, it doesn't get softer. It just stayed the same. Dynamics usually are a lot more expressive. and there was always a distinct difference between Forte and Piano. You can even hear a difference in p and pp. but right now it just seems like theres no difference in sound.

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I concur, if I simply select all notes (Ctrl+A, then press Notes button in the Inspector) and press the Reset buttons next t 14.o the velocity fields in the Inspector (thus returning everything to the defaults of Offset & 0), everything works perfectly. It clearly starts out quiet as per the "pp" and "p" dynamics, and suddenly jumps to "f" at measure 14, then diminuendos back down to "p".

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I'm sorry, I had reset the notes like you had said. Can you take a look at measure 13 for me?
The dynamic is supposed to be p with a shift to f and diminuendo to p. Measure 13 is just as loud as the next Measure. I cannot tell that a dynamic change happened. The diminuendo doesn't even work on my end even after resetting. those 2 measures are both equally loud. Is it the version I'm on? do you think an update could fix my issues? I'm on Version Revision 20414b2

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To be clear, you didn't reset them - the default was offset & 0, but you had changed them to user and 33, and that was the version you posted. That forces the everything to exactly 33, ignoring the dynamics, So you need to actually reset them as I explained above. Once you verify that the values are back to the defaults of "offset" for type and 0 for velocity, you should find that it works perfectly, measure 13 and all.

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The Dynamics are not working. Note velocities are all set to zero. even after changing the velocities correctly, the volume stayed the same, Decrescendos and Crescendos also are not working. everytime I press play it all sounds the same volume. Everything is preset to 0 and I have followed all the tutorials in the handbook, and i am still lost. when I'm in the app it doesn't play back the volume velocity correctly but sometimes once I publish it, it gives me the correct volume changes when I view it online with the dynamic that set in the app.

So basically-the Dynamics work once I publish the work when I view it online, not when I'm actually making the composition in the app which makes everything a hundred times harder..

I had this exact issue beginning around a month ago. I decided to try resetting the Musescore to factory defaults by going through Help->Revert to Factory Settings. This fixed it and my dynamics are working perfectly now.

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If you've alread verified all note velocites are set to offset 0 in the Inspector as was mentioned in the original post, then we'd need you to attach the score in order to understand and assist. otherwise, probably tht is your issue - you need to reset note velocities to 0. They would typically be different values if you imported the file from MIDI.

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