Which octave

• Feb 11, 2020 - 02:42
  1. When entering notes, (which I usually do by typing letters as I can do that without looking at the keyboard*) is there a way to stipulate which octave? Normally, MuseScore keeps close to where I entered my first note, but occasionally it jumps up an octave or doesn't go up when I want it to, so it would be nice to know how to tell it what to do.
  2. Is there a quick way of changing a note by an octave - up or down as required?
  • Yes, it would be so nice to have a keyboard to input with, but as the owner of two accordions, I suspect that would be an unnecessary extravance!


To change the octave, select the note and press Ctrl/ up-down.

As to where it selects, I believe it selects the closest note so octave jumps happen.

There is an on-screen piano keyboard you can access via the View menu, but just as with MIDI, you end up trading one issue (occasional wrong guesses as to octave) for another (occasional wrong guesses as to spelling of accidentals). I find the number of wrong accidental guess to be more than the number of wrong octave guesses, plus you can't hear the difference so you need to be constantly looking at the screen. So in the end I still prefer typing.

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