Slight Tweak to Notenames plugin

• Feb 13, 2020 - 03:45

Hello - first of all may I just state that I haven't a clue about programming so if the question I'm asking is a very simple thing that I should be able to do myself, I apologies, but like I say, I wouldn't know where to Start.

I find the Notenames plugin very useful as I'm a musician in the Traditional Folk scene and more often than not, music is being presented to people who can't sight read, but need the ABCDEFG notes to get by. Problem happens when you are taking a mixed class of those who can sightread, and those who can't, note names is a godsend, however, it's one limitation for me is not being able to denote which octave the notes are.

The standardised system of notating octaves in traditional music is very similar to the Helmholtz system but one octave up (if that makes sense for anyone who uses it) For instance the note C4 and the full octave below are notated as C, (basically with a comma after the note - the octave below is notated with a double comma and so on....) . the octave between C4 and C5 (but not including C5) are just notated as the note name - e.g. C D E and so on... The octave between C5 and C6 (but not including C6) is notated as C' D' F#' (Basically with an apostrophe after the note) - the octave above this is denoted with a double apostrophe.
(I've attached a picture which might make more sense)

Would it be possible for someone to create a version of note names plugin which would serve this function, i.e. notating both the note name but also the octave of the note?

The current way to get around this is once the note names plugin has been run on a score, I've individually edited each of the notes which required either a comma or apostrophe - but as I'm sure you can imagine, this is a lengthy process!

Any help would be much appreciated!

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The plugin already has commented out provisions for showing the octave number (between -1 and 9). Turning that into your requested notation was a trivial change to make for me.

So here you go :)

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