Double C banjo tuning in tab

• Feb 13, 2020 - 19:21

The banjo tab is in G tuning. I want to change it to Double C tuning. How can I do that ?


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You are confused with this feature of "open" string. It's not intented for banjo, or guitar. But for lutes with extra basses, etc., see handbook excerpt: Mark unfretted string "open"

This feature is used to mark a (bass) course as unstopped (i.e. like a harp string, only played in the open position): as on a Baroque lute or Theorbo etc. This means that only "0" (zero) or "a" is accepted as a fret mark: any other fret mark will be converted to 0/a.
From this page:

So, forget this for the banjo, and untick all "open" strings in String data. If wished, attach a score explaining your goal.

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