Musescore 3.1.crashes

• Feb 14, 2020 - 14:27

Dear Musescore,
I wrote a lot of scores with Musescore 1.1 and recently downloaded Musescore 3.1. I like 3.1. It is an improvement over 1.1. I have found that several of my scores written in Musescore 1.1 have "problem" measures and I have been going thru all my scores and repairing the "problem" measures successfully. Unfortunately, one of my scores keeps crashing Musescore 3.1 before I can successfully repair the "problem" measures. So, I made a PDF of the score and I am about to write the entire score from scratch in Musescore 3.1 which will take a lot of effort and time. I am hoping that you can suggest how I can get the score to stop crashing Musescore 3.1 so I can repair the bad measures. Please save my score and save me from having to rewrite the entire score again.
In His Name,


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  1. Update to MuseScore 3.4.2, this may fix the crash already (actually it does!, it does then crash on (auto)save though, so you may need to disable autosave to get enough time to fix the corruptions).
  2. Update to MuseScore 1.3 and resave the 1.1 scores with that.
  3. Also install MuseScore 2.3.2 and use that as an intermediate step (this may halp at times but is not needed in general)

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