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• Feb 16, 2020 - 17:36

Dear Sirs
I updated my version of the musescore to the latest version and with that I lost a palette created by me to put the Shinozaki signs. As I have my signals on my computer, I created a new palette on my current musescore to place these signals.
After opening a score in the musescore, I transfer the signal image to the top of the score. Then with Shift and Controls pressed simultaneously, I have to transfer the signal to a new palette. At that moment, instead of transferring the musescore, the signal size increases. In other words, I am not able to transfer the signals to the new palenta. When I click on the signal, it already signals an increase or decrease in the size of the image. I've done it in the past today I'm not getting it
I look forward to an orientation
Roberto Antonio Dal Medico


Did you save your palette? If so, you should just be able to load it (right-click the palette area to display the menu for that). Otherwise, I guess you would need to recreate it. I understand there is a bug with a pending fix, where you can't add graphics to a custom palette directly, but rather need to add them to a score first. So just drag them to a score (default empty score should work fine) and then from there to the palette.

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Dear Sirs
Actually I did as instructed, when I put the signal in the score and mark to transfer to the palette, the signal is signaled to increase or decrease the size of the figure and because of that I cannot transfer to the palette. Did you understand?
I'll send a screenshot of the screen showing the signal I want to transfer to the palette with the signal to increase or decrease in size
we await your guidance
Roberto Antonio dal Medico

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My guess is you have double-clicked the image first. That puts it in edit mode, where dragging will indeed resize it. So be sure not to double-click it first, at least not in a separate action from the drag. Some devices require a double-click to start dragging, but you have to be sure not to release the button before you start the drag.

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Marc Sabatella I am disappointed in myself
I do everything right as you explained and it still doesn't work
First I press the Control and Shift keys, then I press the image once, hold the mouse and drag it to my palette, the cursor goes to the palette but the image does not. Now I don't know what's going on
I need this palette for my work, I had it ready but with the implementation of the new version of Musescore I lost the palette

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This could be. But I was going ask if you were actually releasing the mouse once you reached the palette. It's normal that you won't see the image move, but the icon should make it clear you are in fact dragging, and the drop should work.

Every device is different, but for some you do need to double-click to start a drag. You just need to be careful not to let go of the button after the double-click - just keep holding it while dragging.

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Dear Marc Sabatella
It really is not easy to make this transfer of the image to the palette but with your previous information I managed to start transferring the images I am very grateful for your help
In time: Is it possible for me to save the palette I prepared before installing a new version of Musescore?
Roberto Antonio Dal Medico

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