Timbres of Heaven Soundfont 2.0.2

• Aug 20, 2014 - 04:56

Hi all,

I just wanted to point out to people this excellent sound font because I feel It deserves to be mentioned here. In my experience, it is very well balanced and put together. It is GM, GS and XG compatible and includes quite a few sound effects. In my opinion it is an excellent general purpose soundfont and I already replaced my system's default Sound Canvas set with it (Personally I think it stomps the FluidR3_GM set). It's a 250mb download (319.6mb uncompressed) which makes it a little large to be incorporated into the base install. But it definitely should be mentioned on the website. Also, make sure it's that full size when downloaded, as I have heard some difficulties when downloading from it's site.



Hmm it looks as though the copyright is a bit restricting - we're trying to build a library of soundfonts recommended for use with MuseScore, and downloadable from MuseScore.org, but it looks as though we wouldn't be able to do that with this one due to its copyright restrictions.

But thanks for the headsup - I'll give it a test run at the weekend when I have some time :)

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Oh I see, I thought for a second that the whole file was compressed like .sfark or something. This makes sense. :)

Though if you want to compress it further, that could still be an option. MuseScore can use the zziplib or something to read zip archives without adding too much, if any, loading I believe.

Could shave off another 3 or so mb from FluidR_GM.sf3. :)

I've actually tried this soundfont (Twice over two months time) with several scores with set parameters (I.E reverb levels and volume levels are the same) and there is still a lot of work to be done with this soundfont. Some of the instruments are too quiet and get overwhelmed by the others and some stick out like sore thumbs in the mix (I.E, Bassoon. You're too loud.)
ATM, General User works perfect.

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Are you sure you are talking about the same version? I have worked with the Bassoon a lot in my woodwind quartet. (flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon as it's a nonstandard group) I have noticed no issues with balancing. Well soprano Sax might be a little quiet, but that was with one file I tested, and not enough to make a final judgement.

Edit2: Never mind, It was indeed just the midi file in question.

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