Text style parameters not updated

• Feb 18, 2020 - 10:21

Context Win10, updated, MS updated

When I open simultaneously several scores already written or being written and I wish to modify the parameters of 'text style' (Title, subtitle.......... header, footer), a curious observation which I describe below
1- Score tab 1 > Via Format > Style > Text style > Title, I modify the title font and the font size for example and I validate
2- I choose the partition in tab 2 and want to change the title and font with other parameters than those of score 1
3- Format > Style > Text style is already highlighted (normal ? ) title is also highlighted (normal ?) but the style mentioned (Font and Size) is the one of the first tab score
In order to update the actual current settings in the table, you have to make a change, for example click twice 'bold'.
4 - This process will be repeated each time you change score.
My conclusion is that the text style parameters are not 'updated' when you switch from one tab to another, whereas all the other style parameters are (I checked a significant number of them).
What do you think about that?


It took me a moment to understand what you are saying, but indeed, this is a bug, probably introduce recently with a change to remember the last-used page of that dialog. I know another similar bug was recently reported, this may or may not be a duplicate. I'll look into it.

To be clear:

1) load two scores
2) in the first, use Format / Style / Text Style / Title to change font size to 60
3) OK
4) switch to other score
5) go to Format / Style

Result: dialog comes up with text style page already loaded (fine), but it still says 60pt even though that's not accurate for this score. If fixes itself next time the dialog is updated, like if you click "subtitle" then "title" again

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