Adding a bar

• Feb 18, 2020 - 19:07

So I changed bar 34 on my score to a 2/4 bar and changed bar 35 back to 4/4. Then I tried to add a bar after bar 36. Then the rest of my score moved ahead 2 beats. I can't get it back. As you will see on bar 37 there is a half note rest inserted...the bar should begin with the eighth note rest. Probably a simple fix but it's beyond me right now.

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That's an extremely old and quite limited version of MuseScore, these sorts of things are much simpler with current versions (as is virtually everything else), so I highly recommend updating if at all possible. But assuming the goal is to move everything two beats earlier, cut and paste will be your best bet. So click the eighth note rest you wish to move to the beginning of the bar, then Ctrl+Shift+End to select to end of score, also Shift+Down if you wish to extend to other staves. Then Ctrl+X to cut, then click the desired start location (the initial half rest) and Ctrl+V to paste.

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