Instruments not listed

• Feb 19, 2020 - 20:16

As I remarked in a previous post, I am transcribing sonatas by Loeillet de Gant so that Musescore will generate parts for me. The top voice is for alto recorder, but I only seem to have Recorder available. Musescore assumes that it is a soprano recorder, whose musical pitch range is above that of an alto recorder. Is there a way that I can define a new instrument with the appropriate part properties? The lower voice is for a 7-string bass viola da gamba, whose pitch range goes below that of a normally-tuned violoncello. Again, I would like to define this instrument as well. Any suggestions?



Alto Recorder definitly exists in MuseScore, just not in the "Common Instruments" list.
For your 7 string viola da gambe you may need to go into instrument/staff properties and change the professional (and mayba amateur) range

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