• Feb 20, 2020 - 15:51

First, I want to thank the creators of the website. We all really need you!

For a long time I was going to write about the arrangements of various melodies, and now I had the opportunity

I received this message:

We received a report that your score "Rewrite " is infringing on someone else's author rights. We have taken down this content from Musescore for the time being.

I will not dispute this report, I only arranged the melody (did not compose), and I indicated it, but actually, I would recommend that the creators of the website think over an option for people like me who work hard to write an easy version of classic and modern music.

Our work should be judged precisely as an arrangement

I hope I did not sound disrespectful?

In any case, grateful. You are doing a great job


Leah Ginzburg


Well, you'd need to bring that up on but indeed they do need to act on copyright infringments, no way around it in those cases where the actualy copyright holde wants this rather than getting an agreement with

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Thank you for reply.
I understand. In this situation, it is probably difficult to find a solution. All are right, both of them. But there must be something that would help people like me, people like us. I don’t make money on my arrangements, I just help people, mostly beginner pianists, play their favorite melodies. Sometimes one arrangement takes several nights. Those who understand probably know how hard it is to create an easy version of a difficult piano piece.

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What would help is contacting the copyright owner and asking their permission. They are the ones in charge,, so they are the ones who can help. Many copyright owners have already given their permission, so you are actually safe uploading lots of music, but some copyright owners have not. Another thing you could do is upload an initial empty version of a score before you begin, to find out if it's one that is already permitted, before spending a lot of time on any piece.

But again, all of this is better discussed over on that site,, rather than here on

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