delete staff without changing layout?

• Feb 21, 2020 - 18:54


I've created some parts with Ossia staff at the top. Currently, I like the layout the way it is, and I am just wondering if there is a way I can delete the ossia staff without changing the layout. Currently the behavior is (obviously), when I delete the extra staff, the main staff fills in the extra space. But I'm wondering if I can keep it the way it is after ossia deletion. Thank you


It's not really clear what you mean about the main staff filling in the space - the main staff shouldn't be affected at all. Except maybe you mean, measure widths can potentially get narrower because they no longer need to support all those extra notes, and this can cause more measures to fit per system? If so, just run Format / Add/Remove System Breaks, and choose the option to add system breaks to the end of each system.

If that's not it, please attach your score (or a relevant excerpt) and describe the problem in more detail so we can understand and assist better.

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Hello Marc,
I believe you described correctly what I'm looking for. I attempted to add system breaks but when I delete the top staff, the layout changes. Here is an example. (An ugly one but gets the idea across).

Deleting the 'ossia' staff vs. first adding system breaks and then deleting it both result in a new layout. I am wondering if it is possible to retain the exact layout of everything on the page, after having removed the ossia staff from it.

Thank you for your response.
Below is the MSCZ


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Hmm, so you're saying you already having the same system breaks, but you want big holes between the systems where the ossia used to be? I can't imagine why - the results do not look like how music would normally be printed - but you can add spacers if you want that extra space. I highly recommend not doing that though, unless you are deliberately producing some sort of experimentation notation. Or maybe you are planning to insert different versions of the ossia by physically pasting new copies onto the printed page. If you explain your reasoning, that might help us understand and advise better.

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indeed i'd like to experiment with different ossia input - such as screen shots. I find the size control very convenient as well as the option to edit the image how I please. So to keep the current spacing and specific page turn areas that are deliberate in multiple pieces, would be very convenient. Allowing the space to add the 'vertical frame'. It appears that one of the things that helps is a page break, it at least doesn't add new lines to each previous page. The spacers seem to be limited to the ossia staff and once its removed, the staff will contract anyway. But I'm getting closer it seems

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I understand that, but if, for example, I take screen shots of the current ossias and then delete them, insert new frames, the alignment completely changes. Some measure lengths change and my newly created screenshots don't align properly with those measures. This is why I want to keep the space created by my secondary staff. So I wouldn't have to realign everything later. It seemed like thats what I'd have to do, but this is why I first inquired to see if I can save myself the time.

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As I said, measure lengths changing is kind of inevitable if you add and delete notes. Also, I'm not sure what frames have to with anything? Still having trouble understanding the actual real world use case here and why it seems good to preserve a particular layout even the score has change in a way where that layout no longer makes sense - normally it's better for the layout to actually reflect the score. But the better we understand the actual goal, the better we can help you achieve it.

From what I do think I understand, maybe the best thing is not to delete the ossia, but instead simply cover them with an opaque white graphic?

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