Deleting rests

• Feb 21, 2020 - 22:27

How to delete rests?


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I think there should be a handbook chapter on "How do I delete those damned rests!!!?!?!" addressing every common misunderstanding or misexpectation that leads newcomers to ask this question. It is the most frequent of FAQ's, as it were....

MuseScore: Requiem aeternam dona eis....

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In this particular instance I an trying to insert a quaver rest in the middle of a 4/4 bar in a single line of music, one voice? I insert the rest ok but when I insert the next note the rest moves to the right of the new note I have just inserted. So the sequence should be, crotchet, crotchet, quaver rest, crotchet quaver, but I can't get the rest to stay in the original place I put it. It's frustrating, I have tried all sorts of combinations but with no success. The on-line manual is of no help as it does not, in my humble opinion go into this subject in any great depth. I agree with BSG there should be some kind of step by step instruction for beginners like myself to understand these things. Regarding the deletion, I tried to delete a crotchet rest when it came up in one of my attempts to acquire the sequence of notation that I required but the rest stubbornly remained. any advice you can offer would be most appreciated.

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Enter notes and rests left to right. So, to enter the sequence in the picture, simply type click or type quarter, G, C, eighth, rest, quarter, G, eighth, rest - left to right exactly what you see. Nothing moved, nothing deleted, just typed or clicked left to right.

Deleting silence doens't make sense, it will still be silent. In the context you are describing, I guess what you really wanted was to move some unspecified number of subsequent notes earlier. The way to do that is directly, - select the notes you want moves (only you know how many), cut, click the new start time, paste.

In any case, rests never move of their own accord, and there wouldn't not normally be a reason to "delete" one as that would leave you with too few beats. If you continue to struggle, please attach you actual score, not just a picture, so we can exactly what is going on, and advise better.

So in order to understand and asssist, we'd need you to attach your score - or an excerpt at least - and describe which rests you no longer want to see and what you want to have happen instead.

Some possibilities:

  • you might have entered music into a vocie other than voice 1 without entering anything into vocie 1. don't do that, always start with voice 1
  • you might have used "insert mode" to add extra beats into your measure. unless that's what you want, don't do that, just use the regular step-time note input mode

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See the handbook, this page in particular:

To convert any rest to eighth-rests (quaver), click on it and type "4", the numeral for eighth-notes. To convert to quarter-rests (crochet), type "5" at it, same as basic note entry.

To convert a rest into a note, click on it and type the note; it will be as long as the rest; to make it longer or shorter, type one of the numerals (3 for 16th, 4 for 8th, 5 for quarter, 6 for half, etc) at it, even if it's not aligned on a multiple of the new value.

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