How can I send a recording of a song to my arranger?

• Feb 22, 2020 - 18:43

I'm a bit of a techno-spazz and I cannot figure out how to record the song. Someone please help. I have an arranger waiting for my work.


Would be best to ask the arranger what format he wants. Not sure what kind of arranging he might do doing, but to me sending recording would be a mistake, almost certainly he'd rather work from the notation so he doesn't need to transcribe it himself. Meaning, just send him the score itself (MSCZ file, or MusicXML if he prefers a different notation program). Or PDF, or maybe MIDI if he plans to do it all in a DAW. But audio would be my last resort.

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My arranger and I already had this discussion. Neither of us is particularly young and we are comfortable with old-school methods. My songs are part of a 3-act musical. The book has been written and I have a friend who is the director of a local opera company. She has the ability to mount the play, but I have to give her something at least at the semi-professional level. She is also old-school, so she will be receptive to listening to a cd. If I can get the play mounted and video recorded, I then have a friend in Europe (a successful stage and screen producer who has offered to help me. I know, I have very big dreams! But unless I can get my songs arranged (I am a very good lyricist and have a penchant for good melodies, but that's where my current songwriting ability ends) I will not be able to get this project off the ground.

Is it possible, if all else fails, to ask my arranger to download your program and then send the songs directly to him?

Thank you so much for your help.



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Age has nothing to do with it - if the goal is to produce a written arrangement, while it's possible to do it from a recording, it's easier - no matter your age - to do it if you have a written score available. If the goal is something other than producing a written arrangement, then maybe not. But if it's already in written form - and since you're posting to a MuseScore forum I have to imagine it is - then again, it would be a mistake not to send what you have. So, I'd recommend sending the MSCZ file, MusicXML, MIDI, PDF< and MP3. Everything but the MSCZ would be generated via File / Export.

And yes, certainly if your arranger doesn't already have MuseScore installed, it could be worth their while to install it for this project. But if they normally do their work in another notation program, the MusicXML will be the most useful to them.

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