Clef sizes

• Feb 22, 2020 - 22:54

How do you adjust the size of clefs?


Generally, you don't - MuseScore automatically knwos the proper sizes for the different clefs and the different ways they are used (full size at start of system, reduced size for mid-system changes, etc). And each music font (see Format / Style / Score) has its own versions that are the size the font designer designed them to be. Can you explain more the effect you are trying to achieve? Attaaching your score - or an excerpt at least - would help us understand and assist better.

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Ah, it looks like you tried using line distance to make the staff bigger. That’: not the right setting, it has the effect you are seeing here - increasing staff size but nothing else. Instead, use Format / Page Settings / Staff space. This causes everything to scale correctly, as most measurements in MuseScore use the staff space (“sp”) as their unit.

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