Bug wrt copyright input for uploaded music

• Feb 23, 2020 - 14:18

I arranged a harmonization to "Over the Rainbow," obviously a song I do not own. I tried scrupulously to fill in the requested copyright info per the new user upload interface.

When I clicked on the link to learn more about what you expect me to disclose, the form page I was in the middle of filling in was no longer to be found.

I went to my score online and saw the notice in the right frame that the copyright information was incomplete. I clicked there and filled it in. The system acknowledged that I completed that. But...

But every time I edit my score and save it online again, the copyright info I gave on the score page online gets erased. I am again warned on my online score page that the copyright info is missing.

I added it again manually. It disappeared again the next time I tweaked my sheet and saved it online.

It's repeatable. (I gave up after three tries.) I believe it's a bug in the save-online interface.

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I see. Thanks. I wish I could delete. I still have time to edit, but I can't delete. I could just remove all text, but that seems dumb.

But wait, I'm not sure what you've said is correct. The heading for this area is about forum bug reports, and that's what this is. The bug has to do with the forum's saving of and display of copyright information for the song.

I have new information. I was saving the song as "unlisted." I got far enough with the revisions to save it publicly. At that time, I was given the chance to provide the copyright info again in the online-save form. I did so, and this time the info "stuck."

So the problem seems to involve saves in the "unlisted" category.

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