Notation Express Not Working with Musescore

• Feb 23, 2020 - 22:21


I got the Musescore version for the stream deck from Notation Express but I am running into a pretty serious issue. Whatever I enter using the stream deck writes itself on the score but does not register with Musescore for playback so I cannot hear anything of what I am doing. For ex. I write pizz. using the stream deck for a violin part, it writes it fine on the score, but when I play it back it doesn't switch to pizz. and just keep splaying as arco. As soon as I erase the entry and redo it using the regular non stream deck way, with just the mouse and the computer menu, then it writes it AND works fine on playback.

My issue is that I am writing for large symphonic ensemble and if I cannot listen back to all the edits I make to the score then it is quite useless. Any advice? Is this just a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.


Indeed, it seems the way it is implemented, it is really just typing the text rather than applying the palette element, which has the appropriate properties defined. I would suggest reporting this to Philip NYC Music Services so he can hopefully fix it.

I only am seeing this comment on the forum nearly three months later, but the user contacted me the same day about this issue on email and it was fixed the same day, and the fix was posted. In case anyone else sees this :-)

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