No repeat after DC... Bug? Limitation? Feature? (Workaround?)

• Feb 26, 2020 - 04:49

I have a score where I have 4 measures, a simple repeat for 8 measures (bound by a Start Repeat and End Repeat), then 4 more measures with a D.C. (Da Capo) on the 4th (well, 16th) measure. The D.C. jumps to the beginning just fine, but on the second time through, the repeat doesn't repeat; it plays the repeat section only once (so, 4+8+8+4=24 measures the first time but 4+8+4=16 measures played the second time). How can I have the second time through play exactly like the first, with the repeat section repeated?

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The play repeat in the menu bar is a global setting of the player:

Play all repeats defined in score, or just play all notes sequentially to hear all notes just once for a hear checking.

The play repeat setting of the DC is something else :

How do you want to "define" that specific repeat in the score.
Unchecked : go at begin and don't play the repeat as is the more common for DC
Checked : go at begin and replay including the repeats

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