Upload MS file to You Tube

• Feb 28, 2020 - 17:36

I did get a chosen score of mine. MS video download to work. Now how do I get it onto You Tube???


Go to youtube.com, hit the Upload button there, follow the instructions provide by that site. For now, least, the automatic connection with YouTube is no more, you can uplaod your video to any site you want - YouTube, Vimeo, etc - but you need to use the facilities provided by that site to do it.

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I finally got around to attempting this operation . However, you tube says it does not accept audio files like Wav, etc. and I was prompted to look at video software which i did. The pages was full of all kinds of very technical names of software, etc None of which I understood. I have no idea of what to use for a MS audio file. So I am wondering is the MS automatic upload feature to you tube working again by now? Thank You

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