Hairpins are being ignored?

• Feb 29, 2020 - 21:17

I have noticed on more than one occasion that when I have completed a music composition with several parts in it (which includes a number of hairpins), I noticed when I'm playing it back that MuseScore seems to ignore about half of the hairpins.


My guess is there are no dynamic markings before/after the hairpin (or they conflict). It's OK to make human performers guess how much to change dynamic, but MuseScore needs to be told explicitly, either through dynamics or via the Inspector.

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Fermatas affect playback if you set them to in the Inspector.

All the standard dynamics playback. As for which other markings have a playback effect, the list is constantly growing, and it's hard to really be too specific about because many markings aren't supposed to affect playback. But basically, repeats, grace notes, tempo markings with metronome numbers, most lines, the most common articulations and ornaments, etc.

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