Change fallback font

• Mar 2, 2020 - 18:12


I have a large set of Musescore files from another computer that use fonts that aren't available on my current computer.
The font that Musescore falls back on for those files is MS Shell Dlg 2. Is it possible to change this to something else without having to import a style to each file?

The reason I'd prefer to avoid importing a style is because each file has its own fitting style currently.



I am not sure how the fallback algorithm works, but I think it's based on the attributes in the font: whether it is supposed to be serif or sans, italics, bold or regular, etc. I don't think MuseScore has any control over this.

If you can't just copy the fonts over to the new computer, once thing you could do is export a style file but then delete all lines other than those setting the font. Well, keep the first and last few lines, it should be pretty clear if you look at the file how it is organized. You can then import that and it keeps everything except the lines y0u specified. I just used this technique to update the footers on a few dozen files yesterday without affecting any other style settings and it worked great.

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