256th Note

• Mar 7, 2020 - 22:32

How do i add a 256th note?


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Ok i get that but why are 1024th Note, 512 Note, and 256th Note are hidden?
Like for example 128th Notes and 64th Notes are in advanced edited but what my question is why and what reason as to why are 1024th Notes, 512 Notes and 256th Notes are hidden? Even in shortcuts when i search 1024th Notes, 512 Notes and 256th Notes they don't show. What i mean is they don't show by 128th Notes, 64th, 32, 16, 8th, Quarter notes, half notes, whole note, double and triple whole note, where you click on a 8th note and click it on to the staff why can you not do it with 256th notes, 512th, and 1024th notes? The only way is to click on a 128th note and press Q.

I cannot fathom any reason to ever need a 256th note.
Please tell me, why you need it. In my illustrious composing career I have never had the need for a '32nd note or higher' in my entire life.

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