Bug: the "chord symbol" text style panel is showing the values from the wrong document

• Mar 8, 2020 - 00:34

I'm gradually converting all my MuseScore 2 leadsheets into MuseScore 3 documents. I find that the ideal chord-symbol placement occurs when I set the chord symbol text style offset values to 0 (since the automatic placement feature takes care of collision avoidance). Therefore, here's my process:

  1. Invoke MuseScore 3.
  2. Load a MuseScore 2 document.
  3. A dialogue box asks me if I want to "reset the positions of all elements". I answer "yes".
  4. Go to Format...Style...Text Styles...Chord Symbol (hard to find because the text styles are not listed in alphabetical order... I'd say this is another bug, though maybe you disagree)
  5. The Y offset is -2.50sp. Repair it by changing it to 0. Click on "OK".
  6. Looks great now. Save the document.
  7. Load another MuseScore 2 document. It comes up in a second tab.
  8. Again, answer "yes" to "reset the positions of all elements".
  9. Again, go to Format...Style
  10. This time, the Text Styles...Chord Symbol panel is already open, I guess because it remembers which style panel I was last using.
  11. Now, the Y offset shows as 0.00sp, even though the chord symbols in my document are evidently displayed at 2.50sp. This is a bug.
  12. Workaround: I can change the Y offset to some other value (such as, say, the default of 2.50sp) and then change it back to 0. That works.

It would appear that there is some cross-contamination between loaded documents?



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