Save Online Menu Changed?

• Mar 10, 2020 - 09:43

Has the window that comes up when you "save online" changed? Up until recently I had a little, simple window that said the score was successfully uploaded, and offered a link to the score online. Now it is a menu with several steps, which asks me wether I want to make public, if it's my original work...What is the thought here? If one is to be prompted to include info on the score beforehand, it would be very nice if it included the link to the score, and also the possibility to add the score to a set without manually having to find the score and then adding it to a set...


What is shown in that popup is not really part of the MuseScore software anymore, but a web form from And yes, their upload page has been changed last summer as well, and by consequence so has the page being shown to you when you wish to upload from within the software.

Main reason for those changes are due to the copyright license deals was able to secure; thus preventing being shut down by the publishers.
See also for more information about that reason.

Indeed in the new way of online saving there is no direct possibility to add the partition to a set but there is a link that takes you directly to the online partition.

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