kill 2 birds with one stone: Audio issues on Ubuntu 19.10, and Arch Linux(MuseScore3).

• Mar 13, 2020 - 18:28

1) First question:
So, I have been writing symphonies and concertos, along with transcribing already existing ones by mozart, bach, beethoven, etc. I've kinda fallen in love with them. The problem is that whenever I open up MuseScore3, I literally never have sound at first. I have to go to preferences and change the output driver between alsa and pulseaudio. This rarely works. I am rarely ever able to get sound. This is LITERALLY ALWAYS been a problem with 3 for me, as I'm looking on the forum, I don't see any mention of this.
So first question, is there something I can do to fix this?

2) Second question:
If there is no solution on my end to the problem, then this is definitely a bug, and I need to file a bug report somewhere, and I have no interest in using broken software. I cannot seem to find version 2 anywhere on this site or 3rd parties, and anywhere I find it on this site either the package download link is just plain text rather than a hyperlink, or the link leads to nowhere, or it isn't for my distro.

So, can someone point me to a link to MuseScore2 so that I can work in peace? Thank you, forever.


If you are finding your settings aren't sticking, that suggests a permission problem under your home folder. Are you perhaps running as a user other than the one for whom the software is installed? Are you running the official AppImage, or perhaps one of the distribution-built versions from a repository somewhere? Those are notoriously sketchy, try the AppImage from this site if at all possible (see Download link above). That's also where you'd find older versions if you can't sort out the config/installation issues on your system and have to revert to an older version to workaround them.

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Well, it's true the AppImage won't solve the permission problem. If that's what it is - and I strongly suspect it is - you'll no doubt have other problems with MuseScore 2. And the lack of the new features like autoplace will cause you to spend many many more hours creating your scores than necessary. So it could definitely be worth spending a little more time trying to track down what is going on. Like, try changing some other setting in Edit / Preferences and seeing if it sticks.

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