Hide three-dot button from palette

• Mar 14, 2020 - 19:53

Hello there,
I see this big button with 3-dots in my palette. What function of it - I know. WHY SO BIG? Please tell me how to remove it?? It interfere working.
Linux, Arch, KDE Plasma, Musescore 3.4.2

Suggest to make possible to hold palette to disable all functions of editing it.

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Hmm, it shouldn't be anywhere near that big. Did you do something to change your font or UI size - like using command lines -D or -x, or settings in Edit / Preferences?

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Hmm, but those icon sizes of 15px are unusual, seems something must be going on to have made those seem extra large by default, so you previously scaled them down? Probably the same thing that caused that is causing this. Is your score itself displaying life size? That is, viewed at 100%, does it shown on screen the same physical size as when printed? Anything else seem unusual about sizing of the interface?

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Looks ike you reset some things but not all, you still have a custom workspace apparently (judging from the toolbar layout). Might be best to do a real reset to factory settings and see. Not that I really expect that will fix it, but since it doesn't look like that on other people's system and does on yours, and right now, your custom workspace is the obvious variable here.

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I use default workspace - Advanced. On my screen you see "Advanced" (in rus = Расширенный). See in English interface (dropped to factory defaults):
I performed remove Musescore from my pc, removing config files in ~/.config/MuseScore* and install it again.
I see no changes, big button still in place.
I tried to change DE themes, windows apperance parameters and I didn't see any changes. I have no idea where and what else possible to tune to change this effect.
What parameter/values/multipliers sources you uses to perform draw this button? Any theme/os/userspace/musescore itself parameters? I see size of this button ~ 138x30

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Hi. I'm facing the same problem with Manjaro KDE Plasma: Big three dotted button, in version 3.4.2 and latest dev 3.5.0 63efceb, so it seems to be a KDE problem.

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Should we file a bug report? (I'm new at the forum and the community, so I'm not sure).


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