unmetered choral score

• Mar 15, 2020 - 03:35

I am unable to set up a new unmetered choral score, but I thought that was possible now. When I try to set up the score, I chose the appropriate boxes and click finish, the score shows up with bar lines. I try to go to score and click "across bar lines" but apply is grayed out, and I can not make it work.


I'm not sure what "across bar lines" you are clicking, but the way to create unmeter music is to start with a basic time signature but then either join together measures (Tools / Measures) or use Measure Properties to increase the beat count, or use Insert mode to add as many notes as you want to a measure. The idea is to have one measure per system. Between those methods, it's quite simple to get things working even though there is no "direct" support for completely unmetered music.

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That option isn't really for creating completely unmetered music, it's for music in which there are barlines but you wish the freedom to express note values that cross those barlines, without needing ties. So a piece might be in 4/4 but a half note can be written on beat 4 rather than needing a quarter tied to another in the next bar.

The way to create unmetered music is as I suggested - use any of the various methods I mentioned to create one (long) measure per line.

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