Pressing pause at score end restarts score

• Mar 19, 2020 - 17:35

When trying to work on the last few measures of the score, this is a frequent happening: I click the note I want to start my playback and hit space to play. The song reaches the end of the part I wanted to listen to (end of the score), so I hit space again to pause playback. Since the score ended and playback stopped already, this space press starts playback from the beginning of the score, where I have to repause playback and hit end to reach the point where I want to work on again.
Personally I think this function of repeating a score when pressing play after it ended is not very useful, and could be taken out entirely. If you want to hear it from the beginning again, press the rewind and play button again, or if you want to loop it, use the loop button.
I can temporarily fix this problem by adding additional measures, but that is an additional hassle, and I would appreciate if this were changed somehow.


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You're right, that could be useful as a workaround for relistening to the last couple of measures. However, my real issue is that my instinctive reflex to pause the score after the part I wanted to listen to causes me trouble when I'm working on the end of a score.

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Hi BestBerry,

I had the same issue, and I just found a workaround:
Put a fermata on the end bar line. With that fermata selected go to the Inspector and a set the Time stretch to a large number such as 10. If it ever rewinds it will take a long time, but pressing the space bar will start playback at the beginning of the piece. Also in the Inspector, uncheck Visible to make that fermata invisible in the printed score. See my attached screen shot.
Also note that if you accidently go the the beginning of the piece you can type the End key on your keyboard to go directly back to the end of the piece.

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